Review: Boris Johnson’s Shakespeare book

or, The Riddle of The Riddle of Genius Boris Johnson's book about Shakespeare - Shakespeare: The Riddle of Genius - was originally scheduled for publication by Hodder & Stoughton in October 2016. Unfortunately for everyone, Johnson has been busy with other projects since then, so it's been delayed for the 'forseeable future'. Once upon a… Continue reading Review: Boris Johnson’s Shakespeare book

You’re invited: the Shakespeare for Snowflakes online launch!

On Friday 25th September, 7.30pm UK time, I'll be joining my good friend Lesel Dawson live on Youtube to officially launch my first book, Shakespeare for Snowflakes: On Slapstick and Sympathy. Normally a book launch would consist of lots of people in smart clothes mingling in the same room eating small triangular sandwiches and drinking… Continue reading You’re invited: the Shakespeare for Snowflakes online launch!

Making Shakespeare’s Sonnets – part 6

A long delay. Once George Eld had printed Shake-speares Sonnets for Thomas Thorpe, it was over thirty years before something like Shakespeare's sonnets appeared in print again. In 1640, readers were able to purchase 'POEMS:', as the bookseller John Benson described them, 'WRITTEN BY WIL. SHAKESPEARE. GENT.' This collection differed from Thomas Thorpe's in several… Continue reading Making Shakespeare’s Sonnets – part 6

Making Shakespeare’s Sonnets – part 5

If you were to leaf through Sir Sidney Lee's 1898 Life of William Shakespeare, you'd find each chapter is broken into carefully headed sections. In one chapter, 'The Sonnets and their Literary History', you'd find the following headings: Their piratical publication in 1609Lack of genuine sentiment in Elizabethan sonnetsSonnetteers’ admissions of insinceritySlender autobiographical element in… Continue reading Making Shakespeare’s Sonnets – part 5