Lift off! – the Shakespeare for Snowflakes launch

Well, what fun. Yesterday my friend and erstwhile official mentor Lesel Dawson joined me for a shindig on Youtube to mark the publication of Shakespeare for Snowflakes.

I got through a lot of questions, fistfuls of Ferrero Rocher, and about three quarters of a bottle of wine.

If you missed it, you can watch it back here…

To everyone who tuned in, and everyone who shouted a perky ‘hello’ in the comments, and everyone who asked all those really brilliant questions – thankyou very very much. It was a shame we weren’t all in the same room, but I had a lovely time: I hope you did too. And thanks, most of all, to Lesel: a rockstar Renaissancist, and MC extraordinaire.

Remember you can buy your copy for around £12.99 (or less) . . . . available worldwide from a whole range of bookstores.

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