You’re invited: the Shakespeare for Snowflakes online launch!

On Friday 25th September, 7.30pm UK time, I’ll be joining my good friend Lesel Dawson live on Youtube to officially launch my first book, Shakespeare for Snowflakes: On Slapstick and Sympathy.

Normally a book launch would consist of lots of people in smart clothes mingling in the same room eating small triangular sandwiches and drinking small expensive drinks. Well: throughout the online and entirely socially distanced Shakespeare for Snowflakes book launch, you’re warmly encouraged to dress down and eat outright antisocial foodstuffs. Dust off your comfiest bingewatching Y-fronts, crack open that tin of pilchards you’ve been saving for a special occasion, and tune in.

If you want to find out more about the book before the launch, you might like to dip into the interviews on my videos page. Be sure to check out Lesel’s work, too – you’ll find out more on her University of Bristol webpage, and you’ll be particularly blown away by her current project, The Good Grief Festival.

To join us on the 25th

register here. You’ll be emailed the Youtube link 30 minutes before we begin.

When we’re live…

you can put any questions in the Youtube comments. If you have any questions before then, tweet me using the hashtag #shakespeareforsnowflakes.

Looking forward to seeing you at the launch!

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